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We’re a full service location agency making creative dreams a reality.

Our Story

Sugar Cane Locations is an agency started with just a small portfolio of location houses and a pocket book of contacts. Providing only the best and professional services to our clients. The core business focus is locations in the townships of South Africa, beginning first in Johannesburg also know as “eKasi” with a goal to fully grow more in other cities too.

Sugar Cane is set to provide locations for commercials, telenovela, short film , drama, series and even photoshoots.
We want to be known for our high quality locations, every listing you’ll see in our portfolio has been individually selected from thousands of applications, and our years of experience in the industry(15 years collectively!). Which will culminate in a process which is proven to be the most effective way of pairing our clients’ requirements with the most exceptional locations.

Our website and operations have all been designed by an outsourced team, and with great attention to how our clients work. The website is easy to navigate, and contains just as much information as necessary to showcase our incredible portfolio of locations, and (if we do say so ourselves) it looks pretty good too.

Sugar Cane is a dream come true for Miss Daki, who will always assist with a gracious smile and go the extra mile to get the job done. Coming from all manner of professional backgrounds, she herself is a tenacious and creative individual with strong organisational skills and a genuine desire to nurture lasting relationships with our clients.

To find out a little more about the marvellous person that makes up Sugar Cane Location take a look at the profile below and feel free to drop an email, call, whataspp, dm and also follow our social media pages to keep updated on the beautiful locations the ‘Kasi’ has to offer!
You’re in for a treat!

Ndilikazi Daki

Sugarcane’s Founder

Our Experience

  • Production 100% 100%
  • Film 99% 99%
  • Entertainment Industry 98% 98%

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